The Woodland Trust

Publication date:

December 2020

Publication type:

Discussion paper



Manifesto for the 2021 Scottish Parliament Elections, document cover.

Woods and trees offer solutions to some of the most pressing problems facing our society. Good stewardship of the nation’s native woodlands will reap huge rewards. But the needs of our woods and trees must be in the minds of the next Government.

Our manifesto sets out Woodland Trust Scotland's top priorities for the next Scottish Government. We're calling for them to:

  • Double native woodland cover by 2050 and create the
    UK’s biggest native woodland
  • End the destruction of ancient woodland and trees
  • End overgrazing of woodland by deer
  • Save Scotland’s rainforest, a globally important habitat on
    the west coast, before it’s too late
  • Green up our towns and cities
  • Put trees and woods at the heart of sustainable land
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