In 2021, you successfully urged Government to declare it will halt nature’s decline by 2030. With the next general election expected in 2024, that leaves just six years to make that legally binding target a reality. We need commitment to urgent action across the political spectrum. It’s not too late to save nature, but we can’t face any more empty promises, missed deadlines or wasted time. We need real progress now. 

Strength in numbers

Wildlife and Countryside Link is the largest nature coalition in England, with 76 organisations campaigning together to protect our environment and wildlife.

United for nature

To create the change nature needs and the benefits that will have for us all, general election manifestos must have nature recovery at their heart. That’s the call we’re making alongside dozens of other members of the Wildlife and Countryside Link coalition.

Together, we’re proposing five clear policies that will meet the target and stop nature’s decline. Put into practice, they’ll protect 30% of land and sea for nature and halt the decline of species by 2030, while boosting our economy and creating healthier communities.

Five policies to change the future

  1. A major increase in public spending for nature, including doubling the Environmental Land Management budget to pay for ambitious nature restoration on farms.
  2. A nature recovery obligation, making climate and nature plans mandatory for big companies and setting new rules and requirements to drive private investment in species and habitat recovery.
  3. A 30x30 rapid delivery programme to restore protected sites and landscapes and create a Public Nature Estate to fulfil the promise to protect 30% of land and sea for nature.
  4. A National Nature Service to restore swathes of habitat and create green jobs in urban, rural and coastal habitats and species recovery.
  5. The right to a healthy environment, establishing a human right to clean air and water and access to nature.

Woods and trees are key to meet targets

Trees and woods are essential to nature’s recovery and can help any government to reverse today’s alarming declines. They are carbon stores, habitats for rare plants and animals and vital in connecting people with nature where they live. We want to see the five policies include:

  • access to trees and woods for everyone, bringing long-term benefits for climate, nature and people.
  • long-term funding so land managers can plant and care for trees throughout their long lifespan.
  • updated forestry legislation so that the nation’s forests contribute to the 30% of land that must be protected and managed for nature by 2030.
  • better protection for our ancient woods and trees, including laws to safeguard our oldest and most important trees.

Thank you for standing up for nature with us

Over 100,000 people signed our Wildlife and Countryside Link open letter urging parties to include the five big policies in their 2024 general election manifestos.

Thank you for telling policymakers across the political spectrum that nature is important to you, the people who will cast votes on election day. We need real action for climate, nature and people and your support will help show them the importance of stopping nature's decline. 

We hope to see these policies in the 2024 general election manifestos and will keep you posted on the results.

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