Your MP in Westminster might be able to help if you’re trying to save local woods and trees or if you’re concerned about a national issue affecting nature.

An MP’s job is to represent their constituents’ concerns in Parliament and with Government. They could:

  • raise awareness of an issue through the press or on social media.
  • join an all-party parliamentary group of MPs and members of the House of Lords who share a common cause or interest in a topic, like the one we coordinate for woods and trees. 
  • intervene in local issues and challenges. Their voice could have an influence over other local decision makers. 
  • ask the relevant Government minister a question publicly or privately. This can help to clarify policies, push an issue up Government’s agenda or retrieve details about specific cases if a government department is involved. 
  • propose or vote for amendments to improve relevant legislation as it passes through Parliament.
  • lobby their party leaders, local party groups and other connections they may have to change policy.

Contacting your representative is one of the best ways to stand up for woods and trees. Sharing your story and concerns with your MP and asking them to do something specific to support your campaign could help you achieve your goal. Email them today with our simple tool.

Your voice makes a difference

MPs at All-Party Parliamentary Groups have told us they attended because of supporters’ emails. Your voice is important - you could be telling your representative about threats and opportunities for woods and trees that they might not know about otherwise!

Contact your MP

Use our tool to find their details, add your personal message and send it straight to their inbox.

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