The basis of the Woodland Trust's carbon offer is that landowners get paid for sequestering carbon via their woodland creation project and the Woodland Trust purchases the carbon units from the landowner.

The carbon units that are purchased from the landowners are then assigned to partners who want to support UK native woodland creation and meet sustainability objectives.

The Woodland Trust undertakes carbon projects because it helps support and increase UK native woodland creation, which is a key objective. It also generates returns which are then reinvested back into creating and managing native UK woodland.

A key benefit of the carbon offer is that all administrative processes and costs are taken care of. This involves registration, validation, verification and all of the associated documentation and monitoring involved with that. This is quite an involved process and it can often be off-putting to landowners. The woodland trust taking care of that is highly beneficial to a lot of people.

The Woodland Trust also pay all of the audit and monitoring costs that are unavoidable within the Woodland carbon code. This represents a significant amount of money over the duration of a project.

Other project developers may charge for the auditing processes throughout the duration of the project. Whereas with the Woodland Trust, all of those fees are paid by the Woodland Trust.

The administration from the landowner side generally involves proof of ownership rights and signing of contracts and agreements regarding the carbon project. There's also a requirement to maintain an up to date management plan for the project, and this should be updated every ten years in line with the verifications.
The main responsibility for the landowner is the maintenance of the trees and ensuring that they grow as planned.
The Woodland Trust encourage the use of UKISG stock for trees, which is ‘UK and Ireland Sourced and Grown’. This has the benefit of reducing potential pest and disease imports from elsewhere and supports local nurseries within our country.

Get paid for planting trees on your land

Plant over 5 hectares of new woodland to lock up carbon, support nature's recovery and provide an income with our Woodland Carbon scheme.

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