Criteria for the Woodland Trust's carbon offer are planting of over five hectares, the planting should be primarily native broadleaf species and an average density over 400 stems per hectare.

If you are at the start of your project, Woodland Trust Outreach advisers can advise further on eligibility. We advise contacting the Woodland Trust well in advance of the planting going ahead. This gives time to assess the project, discuss contracts, do estimates and carry out carbon calculations.

Outreach Advisors for the Woodland Trust are experienced at working with various landowners across the UK. They're all locally based, so have experience within their regions.

Further information is available on the Woodland Trust website where you can find contacts for outreach, woodland creation advice and carbon in general.

Get paid for planting trees on your land

Plant over 5 hectares of new woodland to lock up carbon, support nature's recovery and provide an income with our Woodland Carbon scheme.

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