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Tree pack application form

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    Getting started

All fields are required unless indicated as optional.

Community groups and educational establishments

Please note: Successful tree pack applicants will receive their trees in March 2020. All our subsidised or free products have defined eligibility criteria; should you not meet those, or we consider the product to be otherwise unsuitable, we will offer the most appropriate product available.

We will share your details with our nursery partners, contractors, couriers, sponsors and any other third parties involved directly in the funding, delivery or monitoring of your Woodland Trust trees. The Woodland Trust, or a nominated partner, may apply Legitimate Interest (link opens in new window) in order to contact you to process your order.

Space and permission to plant

Tree pack applications are for the UK only. Applications can be from both members and non-members of the Woodland Trust. The following information is required before you can start your application.

The amount of space you need will differ depending on how you plant your trees.

A 30 sapling pack will cover around one tennis court, or create 6-8 metres of double-row hedging.

A 105 sapling pack will cover 4 tennis courts, or create a double-row hedgerow of 20-25 metres.

A 420 sapling pack will cover a football pitch, or create a double-row hedgerow of 85-100 metres.

You need to have permission from the landowner to plant trees before we can accept an application.
We may need to contact you for more information regarding the landowner
Planting area Grid reference

For help, visit Grid Reference Finder (link opens in new window) and enter the nearest postcode to the planting site. Right-click the icon to see the Grid reference. We need the six digit reference which is shown underneath the longer reference.

The GRID reference format must be two letters followed by six numbers.

Do you still need help finding the Grid reference? Please view our Grid reference video (link opens in new window).