Why plant trees on a large scale?

Planting a single tree has benefits for people, wildlife and the environment. Those benefits vastly increase when planting a whole woodland.

If you manage a farm or private land, integrating trees can bring huge benefits – and there’s no need to take large areas out of production. They can help increase biodiversity, provide shelter, prevent soil erosion, reduce flooding and much more.

For schools, communities and neighbourhoods, trees make our surroundings happier, healthier places to be.

Funding and schemes available

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Where 500+ trees are planted as woodland on at least half a hectare, we will visit your site with you, help you design your woodland, create a bespoke species mix, supply the agreed trees and tree protection, and cover up to 75% of costs.

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Woodland Carbon

Plant trees to lock up the UK's unavoidable carbon emissions. For areas of 3ha or more, the scheme pays landowners and farmers who create new woodland for the carbon credits they generate.

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Trees for your farm

Plant 500+ trees to improve productivity and the environment on your farm. Funding of up to 100% of costs is available for agroforestry schemes benefiting the business of productive farms, including a site visit and tree planting assessment. Delivered through Sainsbury’s and PUR project funding for suitable and approved sites.

To enquire, email plant@woodlandtrust.org.uk and include details of your farm business, what type of planting you plan to undertake and the impact you hope the trees will have on your farm. Due to popular demand, we are currently accepting applications for planting between November 2022 and March 2023.

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Agroforestry benefits nature, climate and farming

Integrating trees in arable crops and livestock systems makes agroforestry a win win for sustainable food production and the natural environment.

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Subsidised tree packs

From 30-420 trees, packs in our online tree shop start at just £41.15.

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For any tree planting enquiries or questions about our funding offers, please email shop@woodlandtrust.org.uk.

If you've submitted an application for one of our landowner planting schemes, contact plant@woodlandtrust.org.uk, or call us on 0330 333 5303.

If you've applied for free trees for schools and communities, contact communitytrees@woodlandtrust.org.uk.

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