What is Woodland Carbon?

Woodland Carbon is our scheme to help organisations reduce their carbon footprint by locking up unavoidable carbon emissions by planting trees. It also helps to support nature's recovery.

We create sustainable woodlands, planting UK native trees with a unique focus on nature as the ultimate beneficiary. So while our tree planting gradually captures carbon over time, reducing the environmental impact of your business, it also benefits wildlife and society.

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Invest in the future

Your decision to work with us demonstrates that your business is taking steps to safeguard the environment for the future.

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Meet your sustainability goals

Your carbon units are registered under the Woodland Carbon Code: a tangible, long-lasting and nature-friendly testimony of your commitment to the UK’s nature recovery.

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Show you care

Engage your customers and staff with the powerful message that you're taking positive action for the environment and society.

How it works

Whether you want to mitigate your residual carbon footprint year in, year out, or make a one-off donation, you’ll be assigned an account manager to support you through the process.

Step 1

Calculate your carbon footprint then see if you're eligible for the scheme and what you'll receive.

Step 2

Share your ambitions with us. Using empirical data gathered throughout our history as carbon scheme developers, we’ll calculate the number of trees needed to mitigate your footprint.

Step 3

We’ll both sign a simple agreement to confirm our commitments to each other.

Step 4

Leave the woodland creation to us. We’ll apply our conservation principles to create high-quality woodland here in the UK, all managed to national forestry standards. Once we’ve received payment, we’ll issue you with your Woodland Carbon pack with logos and brand guidelines to help you talk to your customers, staff and shareholders about your investment.

Step 5

We’ll assign carbon units to your company on the UK Land Carbon Registry, which is publicly accessible to all. We’ll ensure the new woodland is cared for and works hard to deliver multiple benefits in perpetuity.

Be part of the solution

Our team is ready to discuss your needs. To find out more about how we can work together, get in touch.

By email: partners@woodlandtrust.org.uk
By phone: 0330 333 5306


Woodland Carbon: how we work with businesses

The first step is to find out if our Woodland Carbon scheme matches the business needs of your carbon net zero journey.

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Did you know?

Four trees will mitigate one tonne of COover its lifetime (100 years used as lifetime for mitigation purposes).

Why choose us?

Trees are our business. We’re the UK’s largest woodland conservation charity with five decades of tree-planting and protecting woodland under our belt. That's why we can help you achieve your sustainability and corporate social responsibility targets.

Reassurance and transparency

When you partner with us, your carbon units are publicly registered under the Woodland Carbon Code, the UK's standard for woodland creation projects that are financed by the sale of carbon units.

We were instrumental in developing this government-led code, together with the Forestry Commission, DEFRA and others. It encourages a consistent approach to woodland carbon projects and offers clarity and transparency to customers about the carbon savings their contributions will achieve

Conservation is key

Everything we do is rooted in our conservation principles, from planting only UK native trees to putting the right trees in the right place. We can help your business go above and beyond the usual climate commitments, taking into account whole ecosystems, landscapes and catchments for the long term, locking up carbon and creating habitats for wildlife.

Right tree, right place

We use our expertise to plant the appropriate trees in the areas where they will make the most impact, choosing native species because of their value to wildlife, and at the correct densities. This delivers the best possible results for carbon storage and biodiversity. To protect against biosecurity threats, we only use trees that are sourced and grown in the UK and Ireland.

We're with you every step of the way 

We've been protecting woodland and planting trees in the UK for five decades. Our passionate and expert staff are on hand to support you at every step.

You can get your hands dirty

Our Woodland Carbon scheme is a great opportunity for staff and community engagement. We actively encourage our larger partners to visit the woodland creation projects they made possible and take part in tree-planting events – a truly memorable experience.


Ready to chat?

By email: partners@woodlandtrust.org.uk
By phone: 0330 333 5306

Locking up carbon is just the

Native woods and trees are one of the best ways to tackle the climate crisis, but trees and woods do so much more.