Welcome to Marinshaw wood. This is cared for by the Woodland Trust it's been in our ownership now for nearly 40 years and we're here today to celebrate our 10-year partnership with Sofidel. Oh, we're immensely grateful to Sofidel for their support over such a long period of time. So, they started off by supporting our community and schools tree pack program providing trees for schools and communities to plant in their locality. They've also gone on to support landowners including farmers and they've also supported a lot of urban trees through our emergency tree fund. And today they're helping support and fund the Woodland Trust estate which is enabling us to protect and restore woodland and very importantly provide free access to people. For us in Sofidel sustainability is one of the four strategic pillars to grow. Our commitment is based on several guidelines when we speak about responsible sourcing of raw material, our target is to use 100 percent certified pulp. Regarding reducing plastic in production our target is to reduce by 50 percent, the plastic that you use in 10 years. I'm very proud to announce and to say that Nicky is the first brand introducing a paper pack in the UK.

It's been so important for us to work with Sofidel over such a long period of time because their commitment to trees and woods over a decade has enabled us to plan ahead, the cause we represent is very long term so having that security of a longer-term partnership is invaluable. And this is such a vital time for us all to step up for trees and woods especially in the UK we are now literally one of the least biodiverse countries on the planet and we are virtually the least wooded country in the whole of Europe. So, we're immensely grateful to companies like Sofidel that work with us because together we're stronger.

We would like to dedicate a Grove, this Grove here at Martinshaw to Sofidel in recognition for that support and I'd like to invite Luca to do the unveiling, Luca. Thank you very much. [Applause]


What we've achieved

Through sales of its tissue paper brand Nicky, Sofidel has raised almost £1 million for the Woodland Trust! Together, we’ve planted 250,000 native trees in the right place, at the right time, with the right care.

How it works

  • Since 2013, Sofidel has made a payment to the Trust for every sale of Nicky Elite toilet tissue and kitchen towel, Nicky Lemon kitchen towel and Nicky Giant Jumbo roll.
  • To reduce its environmental impact, Sofidel uses paper-based, plastic-free packaging for its Nicky Elite toilet tissue.

Tree champions

Sofidel has planted five glorious groves across the UK including three at Heartwood Forest - the largest continuous new native forest in England - in 2013, 2014 and 2017.

For seven years, Sofidel funded the planting of thousands of trees through our MOREwoods scheme for landowners.

Sofidel also supported the Trust’s Emergency Tree Fund from 2020-2022, plus free tree packs for schools and communities in 2013. These schemes ensure that everybody in the UK has the opportunity to plant a tree, and brings communities together nationwide.

In 2023, Sofidel committed to championing the protection and restoration of UK woodland across our estate. This means we’re able to focus on our most vulnerable woods and improve tree equity, pushing for better access to trees for more people.

Making a difference one tree at a time

June 2023 marked a big celebration as we welcomed the Sofidel team to Martinshaw Wood in Leicestershire. Only 14 miles from Sofidel’s Leicester base, it’s a wood at the heart of its community, and the perfect spot for us to dedicate an acre grove as a thank you to Sofidel and Nicky for 10 years of support.

Sofidel have worked with us for a decade and their generous funding has meant we’ve accomplished a great deal in partnership. From supporting farmers and landowners through our MOREwoods scheme to enabling schools and community groups to create and care for green spaces via our tree packs initiative. We’re grateful to have the opportunity to work with an organisation that grows with us and supports all aspects of the work we do at the Trust.

Karl Mitchell
Director of Fundraising, Woodland Trust
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