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More than £25 million has been raised by players of People's Postcode Lottery since our partnership started. This funding has planted millions of trees and so much more.

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Catch up with the Loch Arkaig ospreys

Players of People's Postcode Lottery have supported our Loch Arkaig osprey cam since 2017. Follow the fortunes of these birds as they try to raise a family.

Watch the osprey cam

George Anderson, PR and communications officer for Scotland, the Woodland Trust: This is Scotland’s rainforest. Here we’ve got hundreds of species growing on every available surface. A real explosion of biodiversity, and this is the way our country should be.

Henry Dobson, Loch Arkaig estate manager, the Woodland Trust: In the 1960s, North American trees were planted for timber through the remains of this ancient forest. And as they’ve grown up very fast, they’ve shaded out what’s left of these really delicate rainforest plants. We really need to act quickly to create a much bigger, resilient habitat to keep this rainforest going. It’s quite a challenging environment, not only because it’s so remote and so far from any roads. Also because of the huge volumes of logs that need to come out.

Simon Dakin, Blue Green Conservation: I’m Simon Dakin, and this is Tarzan. He’s my logging horse. We’re here at Arkaig Pine Forest working for the Woodland Trust where we are extracting timber through quite ecologically sensitive areas where you may not necessarily want larger machines going. Using the horse is very low impact. The lighter the touch, the better it is for the forest’s recovery.

Henry: We’re taking all the non-native timber away from the forest across the loch in a barge. And we are using big forestry machines, where needed, simply to restore the forest at this huge scale of work that’s needed.

Angela Mercer, Arkaig Community Forest: It’s crucial now that we’re trying to cut our carbon footprint, and using the barge is essential here because otherwise we’d have had to put a road right through the forest, which is just anathema really.

Henry: Having the oldest technology of taking logs out of the forest with the newest technology of the first freshwater barge, to have put in all that work over the years and finally see it pay off and see Tarzan the horse dragging logs down to this barge has really been a dream come true.

We've come a long way since 2010

Credit: John Macpherson / WTML

Awesome Arkaig

Players are supporting the restoration of Loch Arkaig Pine Forest, home to ospreys, eagles and more. Find out about Tarzan the logging horse’s commute to work aboard a brand new barge whose Gaelic name, Each-Uisge, translates to 'Water Horse'. Tarzan is helping us extract non-native trees from the site, especially in areas where the ground is particularly steep or there are sensitive natural features.

Credit: Julie Howden / WTML

Connecting communities

Players' support helps us keep our woods safe, welcoming and accessible for all, as well as completely free to visit.

Players support our landscape-scale programme across the country, helping to protect and restore some of our most precious habitats, from temperate rainforests in Scotland to ancient woodland in Devon. This ensures that these landscapes are thriving, wildlife-rich and resilient places where people can feel connected to the local landscape.

Players also support Nature's Calendar, encouraging citizen scientists to help track the impacts of climate change on nature.

Credit: WTML

Moving mountains

In 2019, players' funding helped us purchase our very first mountain: Ben Shieldaig, in the Scottish Highlands. Some 500 acres of precious ancient woodland and a host of rare wildlife is now in our care. Spring 2024 saw the first phase of native tree planting on the mountain’s slopes.

Credit: Niall Benvie / WTML

Land for Woods Fund

Continued support allowed us to set up a Land for Woods Fund in 2021 to help us respond quickly when suitable land for woodland conservation and creation comes to market. So far, it’s helped secure Couldoran Estate, neighbouring Ben Shieldaig, Green Farm in Norfolk and an extension at Glen Finglas Estate, our largest site in the UK.

Thank you to players of People's Postcode Lottery for their ongoing support of our work. Find out more about the good causes supported.

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