Nectar and Sainsbury's can now offer Nectar points to new and existing Woodland Trust members. From November 2021, Nectar customers can collect Nectar points on memberships, collect additional points when buying Woodland Trust products in Sainsbury’s and donate Nectar points to help plant trees, protect and restore existing woodlands.

Get up to 10,000 Nectar points
Collect extra Nectar points when you shop for woodland products at Sainsbury's
Donate them back to help woods and trees

Who are Nectar?

Nectar, the UK’s largest coalition loyalty programme, is owned by Sainsbury’s. 

Over 18 million collectors collect Nectar points when shopping for groceries, booking a holiday and buying petrol. Collectors can also get Nectar points every time they shop online via at almost 300 retailers leading online retailers.

Shouting about woods and trees

Nectar are supporting us to raise awareness of the importance of woods and trees in the fight against the climate and nature crises.

With 18 million Nectar customers, Nectar will be showcasing the work of the Woodland Trust over the coming months, as well as offering additional Nectar points for their members who actively choose to support the work that we do. This could include becoming a Woodland Trust member or choosing to plant a native tree for example.

Nectar customers can also benefit from additional Nectar points when they purchase Sainsbury’s products that are already linked to the Woodland Trust, such as woodland eggs. We receive a donation from Sainsbury’s for every woodland product purchased.

With the added bonus of being able to use Nectar points to plant trees and make donations to capture carbon, Nectar customers will be assured that their support will allow us to continue our efforts to increase woodland cover and reduce carbon emissions in the atmosphere, ultimately contributing to our efforts to support the Paris Agreement to ensure temperate rises do not exceed 1.5 degrees over the next 20 years.

17 years with Sainsbury's 

Our partnership with Sainsbury’s has been a crucial part of our journey over the last 17 years. Sainsbury’s works with the Woodland Trust to restore the environment and support biodiversity through the planting and protection of native woodland and trees in the UK.

To date Sainsbury's has funded a range of key projects and planted over 4 million native trees across the UK and counting – helping us engage with thousands of communities and helping children to reconnect with nature.  Sainsbury’s has also played a key role in raising the profile of woods and trees and connecting the Trust to important audiences, including Sainsbury’s farmers.

Find out more about our relationship with Sainsbury's. 

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