Committing to native woods

In January 2020 the Woodland Trust and Lloyds Banking Group embarked on a transformational 10-year partnership. Together we have committed to plant 10 million native trees by 2030, making a real difference in our response to the nature and climate emergency. Our partnership is off to a flying start.

2 million
trees planted
in the first two years of our partnership.

Supporting a low carbon future

Lloyds Banking Group are working with the Woodland Trust to help farmers transition to a low carbon future by offering preferential funding for more than 0.5ha of new woodland, as part of our MOREwoods and MOREhedges schemes.

Our MOREwoods and MOREhedges schemes can bring a multitude of benefits to farms, such as: 

  • helping to manage flooding
  • providing woodfuel
  • offering habitats for wildlife

Farmers can choose to create a shelterbelt, fill a corner of a field or even plant a small wood.

Credit: Jill Jennings / WTML

Bringing communities together

In 2020, Lloyds Banking Group joined other partners to support us with our Community Tree Pack scheme over three years, which funded the planting of 500,000 trees.

We want to make sure that everybody in the UK has the chance to plant a tree, and thanks to our generous partners we are able to offer thousands of schools and communities free tree packs to plant themselves.

Credit: Philip Formby / WTML

Creating 10 new woods

With Lloyds Banking Group's support we will be creating 10 brand new 'woods within woods' at Woodland Trust sites across the UK. 

In 2021, we created two new woods together: an area within our new site at Glas-na-Bradan in Belfast and an extension to Butterdean Woods in East Lothian. Nearly 180 colleagues helped us to plant these new woods, as well as local children and community groups.

Lloyds colleagues were keen to get their hands dirty and are playing an active role in creating these new woods alongside members of the local community.

The first wood was planted at our Queen Elizabeth Diamond Jubilee Wood, thanks to the help of Lloyds Banking Group employees and local schoolchildren.

Be the change

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