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Informal ways to support us

Every minute you give matters to us.

If none of our current opportunities appeal, or you only have a small amount of time to give, then here are some other ways you can support us. This kind of volunteering can fit around a busy life. 

Record the changing seasons with Nature's Calendar

What effect has recent weather had on wildlife? Does climate change affect timings in nature? Join Nature’s Calendar and help scientists discover answers to these questions. From leaf buds bursting to blackberries ripening, let us know what’s happening near you. You'll be contributing to a long biological record that dates back as far as 1736.

Record Ancient Trees with the Ancient Tree Inventory

Interested in finding some of Britain's oldest tress in order for us to help protect them? This could be the volunteering opportunity for you. Visit our Ancient Tree Hunt website to find ancient trees near you. You'll be able to record one that is missing or search the database for the largest or oldest trees in any part of the UK.

Campaign to save trees and woods

Our woods and trees can't speak for themselves so why not add your voice to ours? Together we can stand up for the environment and safeguard the UK's woodland heritage for our future. You could sign a petition or send an email to Parliament – whatever you do your voice makes us stronger.

Help at one of our events

Whether you would like to get digging at a planting event near you or get involved in one of our many other events such as nature walks, picnics, den building sessions or photography workshops, then this is the place to look.

Fundraise for us

There are lots of opportunities to fundraise for us – by using your time and efforts in a variety of ways.