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Beech wood in autumn.

Our network of volunteer speakers offer talks about woodland, wildlife and the importance of the work we do (Photo: K Leslie/WTML)

Our volunteer speakers are critical to our success. They inspire and raise awareness about what we do and how important the UK’s woodlands are.

What we can offer you

Whether you’re interested in our work restoring ancient woodland, wildlife or woodland planting, our speakers can offer a variety of interesting and interactive talks that cater to all kinds of audiences. From community groups and social clubs to conservation societies and forestry professionals, our speakers can offer fascinating insight whatever your level of interest.

Our talks are free but we are grateful for donations to our work. We only ask that you pay our speaker’s travel expenses.

Talks can last up to 45 minutes and questions are encouraged afterwards. Speakers provide leaflets for audience members to take away.

Some of our most popular talks

Talking Trees

Discover fascinating facts about woods and trees and join us on a visual journey through the woods. Learn more about why UK woodland supports more rare and threatened species than any other land habitat.

We aim to inspire local communities, reach wider audiences, and increase overall understanding and awareness of the importance of woods and trees at a local level. 

large tree

Ancient Woodland

Ancient woodland is precious, and scarce. It supports many of our rarest and most vulnerable species.  However, it is under increasing threat and today covers just 2% of our landscape, making it a priority for preservation and restoration.

Our speakers will tell you more about Ancient Woodlands which have been around for centuries - long enough to develop into ecosystems that are rich, complex and irreplaceable. Hear all about our work to restore surviving ancient woodlands that have become damaged.

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To arrange a talk, you can book online, call 0330 333 3300 or email