ACT NOW - Enough is Enough - Protect ancient woodland

The UK’s ancient woodland habitats are made up of our earliest native woods, priority ancient wood pasture and our ancient and veteran trees (Photo: WTML)

Irreplaceable habitats deserve better than this...

Enough is Enough

They’ve reached a great age - but now are at great risk.

Ancient woodland is increasingly recognised as one of the UK’s most precious natural assets. Alongside our oldest trees and the remaining areas of medieval wood-pasture and parkland, these places have evolved over centuries into our richest, most biodiverse land habitats. They are exceptional. There’s still so much they can teach us.

They are defenceless

But ancient habitats are being lost at an alarming rate. The most immediate threat is inappropriate development. Poor management, tree diseases and intensive land-use also take their toll. Every day, threats nibble away.

Today, ancient woodland covers only a fraction – less than 3% – of the landscape. Once it’s gone, it can never be replaced.

Enough is enough

Our ancients have no legal status. Listed buildings have more protection from development!

Our ancients deserve better than this. With your help, we can change their fate. Step one – let’s change national planning policy:

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