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Our work with The Climate Coalition

Every year around Valentine’s Day, hundreds of thousands of people join together to #ShowTheLove for the places, people and life that we want to protect from climate change. This year’s #ShowTheLove campaign runs from 5-24 February. Along with our friends in The Climate Coalition - a group of over a hundred organisations - we challenge you to take one action to show your love for woods and trees.

We need our trees to tackle climate change

Climate change is all the more serious because our trees are also part of the solution – they:

  • store carbon
  • help mitigate flooding
  • provide shade to reduce temperatures
  • provide renewable alternatives to fossil fuels.

Thankfully, we can take positive personal actions to help.

Climate change is real, and devastating

The biggest long-term threat faced by our woods and trees?

Climate change - there’s no getting round it, and ancient woodland is especially vulnerable.

The natural world is simply struggling to adapt, as climate change:

  • increases the likelihood of tree pests and diseases
  • alters seasonal patterns which knock species out of sync with each other
  • encourages storms and droughts, which can break up habitats, and prevent some species moving to new areas.

At the Woodland Trust, we continue to reduce our own impact on the environment. We work with others to make sure trees and woodland can be part of the solution. Read our climate change position statement.

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What can I do?

It takes just a few minutes, but our combined voices have the power to make a difference. Fight for our trees, combat climate change, and do your bit!

Please let us know how you’ll  #ShowTheLove this February and share your own actions with us on social media!

Combat climate change

The Climate Coalition has lots of other ideas and activities you can get involved in. Together, we can send green hearts soaring.