Our work with The Climate Coalition

A tree canopy forming a heart shape

We are a member of The Climate Coalition, a group of over a hundred organisations dedicated to limiting the impact of climate change on the people, places and life we love.

They run two annual campaign moments, Show the Love in February and Week of Action in July, calling on government for action on climate change. As the voice for woods and trees, we support these campaigns to highlight the challenges woods and trees face and the role they can play in tackling the effects of climate change.

Climate change and woods and trees

The trees that line our streets and gardens. The hedges that adorn our countryside. The woods where we walk. They provide and purify our air, clean and encourage water storage, give our wildlife homes, lock up carbon and make our landscapes green and beautiful. The biggest long-term threat to these benefits, and the trees, woods and wildlife themselves, is that posed by the impacts of extreme weather and uncertain seasons.

Climate change exacerbates the likelihood of tree pests and disease. Fluctuating seasonal changes knock species out of sync with each other. The impacts of storms and drought may fragment already declining habitats and negatively affect species’ range. The natural world could struggle to adapt in its battle for survival, and ancient woodland, a habitat made up of unique and delicate ecosystems, is particularly vulnerable.

We’re working to help woods and trees weather these changes. We promote their role in both rural and urban settings as part of the toolkit for tackling the impacts of climate change. We raise awareness of the issues and encourage personal action, such as planting trees. And as an organisation we continue to reduce our own impact on the environment.

Find out more about we are doing in our position statement on climate change.

What you can do

The Woodland Trust runs Nature’s Calendar, a citizen science project that tracks the effects of weather and climate change on our plants and wildlife.  From leaf buds bursting to birds arriving, and from bluebells flowering to blackberries ripening, you can record the changes around you and help us to better understand the changing seasons.

Trees can be part of the solution when tackling the challenges of climate change. From absorbing carbon emissions to preventing flooding they can make a real difference. Whether you own land or are part of a community that would benefit from trees, we can help you plant.