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Neighbourhood planning

Get the most out of your neighbourhood plan – put trees in it! Imagine your world without trees. Imagine there were no trees in your neighbourhood. Imagine you can’t protect your local wood.

Neighbourhood plans are one way to look after your woods and trees. The Localism Act introduced new rights and powers to allow local communities to shape their community by coming together to prepare neighbourhood plans.

Neighbourhood plans have real status; they will carry the same legal weight as local plans prepared by Local Planning Authorities.

Your plan is your opportunity to shape your communities future; From the location of new homes and businesses to the protection and creation of new woodland and green spaces. Your neighbourhood plan will focus on the issues that are important to your local area. Each plan will be unique some will only consist of one or two policies focusing on a specific issue of local concern whilst others will be much larger, more like mini local plans with policies tackling a broad range of concerns.

The Independent Panel on Forestry recommends integrating tree and woodland strategies into local and neighbourhood plans!

The report backs up our view that woods and trees should be considered more thoroughly throughout the planning process.

Why not get ahead of the game? Use our handy guide to help you embed woods and trees into your neighbourhood. You might not realise it but woods and trees can help make your community a healthier, wealthier and happier place to live and work!

Use this website as a starting point to make trees part of your community. Evidence is key to producing a successful plan and there is lots of information here to help you build a case that works for you.

Make trees part of your community

Why link trees and planning?

How does neighbourhood planning work?

Examples of good policies

Further resources 

As neighbourhood planning gathers momentum we will be putting more guidance and best practice examples so please keep an eye out!

Get in touch! If you are already working on your neighbourhood plan please let us know.