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Loch Arkaig ospreys: postcards from the past

by George Anderson, PR & Communications Officer - Scotland on 22 March 2018

As osprey season starts at Loch Arkaig we remember the eccentric adventurer who tried to bring the species back to the loch in 1929.

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Celebrating five years of partnership

by Martha Boalch, Citizen Science Officer on 22 March 2018

Celebrating five years of partnership between the Woodland Trust and Kew’s Millennium Seed Bank to deliver Phase 1 of the UK National Tree Seed Project.

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International Day of Forests 2018

by Kay Haw, Conservation Advisor on 21 March 2018

‘Forests and sustainable cities’ is the theme for this year’s International Day of Forests on 21 March. Let's celebrate by ensuring our ancient woods and trees survive long into the future.

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Chiffchaff or willow warbler? How to tell the difference

by Charlotte Armitage, Citizen Science Officer on 19 March 2018

Chiffchaffs and willow warblers will start to arrive on our shores soon. Do you know how to tell the difference?

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Eight wildlife walks in Wales

by Laura Cottam, Volunteer Content Writer on 18 March 2018

Wales has some of the best countryside in the UK. From the wild coastline to the mountains to the valleys, there is certainly a walk there for you!

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How has this month’s snow affected wildlife and signs of spring?

by Charlotte Armitage, Citizen Science Officer on 18 March 2018

The recent cold snap has had a noticeable effect on our Nature’s Calendar records. Learn what your data is telling us about UK species.

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Show the love: what signs of spring did people see?

by Sally-Ann Smurthwaite, Assistant Campaigner - Policy & Advocacy on 15 March 2018

As part of The Climate Coalition’s Show the Love campaign, we encouraged you to record the signs of spring you had spotted. Here are the results.

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Beginners guide to seed germination and dormancy

by Martha Boalch, Citizen Science Officer on 12 March 2018

We take a look at the process of seed germination and the five types of dormancy that may prevent growth.

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Curly oaks, corkscrew willows and more

by Emilie Bonnevay, Public Enquiries Officer on 06 March 2018

Some trees have been bred to exaggerate a curly growth pattern, but did you know that it can occur naturally too?

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Will natural heritage get the winning ticket?

by Claire Harwood, Grants officer on 27 February 2018

We explore why the National Lottery needs to continue providing funding to natural heritage projects and how you can help.

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