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When does spring start?

by Charlotte Armitage, Citizen Science Officer on 16 January 2018

Spring is a wonderful time of year when flowers start to appear and all kinds of wildlife emerge from hibernation. But when does it officially start?

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Foraging in January: winter fruits and nuts

by Helen Keating, Content Manager on 16 January 2018

You can still forage for tasty treats when it’s cold outside and the leaves have fallen. Here's our list of fruits and nuts to look out for in winter.

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Don't miss the latest issue of Broadleaf magazine

by Elisabeth Garton, Editor on 13 January 2018

Our ash trees in crisis, saving squirrels and a woodland workout for the New Year – all in the winter edition of our exclusive members’ magazine, Broadleaf.

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12 reasons to take learning outside

by Paula Sinclair, Contributor on 09 January 2018

What’s so great about the ‘Great Outdoors’? Guest blogger Paula shares her top 12 reasons to get children outside.

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Plans unveiled for 50 million tree new Northern Forest

by Steve Marsh, PR Manager on 07 January 2018

Our ambitious new project will create a forest stretching from Liverpool to Hull, benefiting people and wildlife.

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Environmentally-friendly gardening: 10 top tips

by James Martin, Content editor on 05 January 2018

Need a new year's resolution? Why not make your garden more environmentally friendly? We've put together ten tips on how you can make your own space that little bit greener. (Photo: Jill Jennings/WTML)

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Thank you for your support in 2017

by Beccy Speight, Chief Executive on 22 December 2017

As the end of the year draws near, we say a big thank you to our supporters for their crucial role in our successes and achievements in 2017.

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A seed's-eye view of the Millennium Seed Bank

by Martha Boalch, Citizen Science Officer on 21 December 2017

The Millenium Seed Bank stores seeds. This is not as simple a task as it may seem on the surface. Discover the surprising answers to some FAQs that intrigue people.

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Make your Boxing Day sparkle with a walk in a wood

by Andy Bond, PR & Content Manager - Partnerships on 20 December 2017

We team up with Julia Bradbury, who runs The Outdoor Guide, to unveil our top winter woodland walks for Boxing Day.

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Owl calls: tell your tawny from your barn owl

by Amy Lewis, Content Editor on 18 December 2017

Heard a screech in the night or hooting in the woods? One of the UK's five resident owl species could be at large. Learn to tell their calls apart and identify them without laying eyes on them.

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