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Ancient trees

Campaigns update: HS2 review takes centre stage

by Naomi Tilley, Assistant Campaigner – Policy and Advocacy on 04 September 2019

We've a big focus on HS2 right now, as well as continuing to fight for all woods under threat. This month we're also meeting with MPs and taking action for climate change. Find out how you can help.

One year on, England’s planning policy must be better enforced

by Richard Barnes, Senior Conservation Advisor on 23 July 2019

Despite revised policy, development still threatens our ancient woods and trees. We're working to highlight the stronger protection and why it’s important.

Campaigns update: the latest news from HS2

by Naomi Tilley, Assistant Campaigner – Policy and Advocacy on 05 July 2019

We’ve seen a wave of new information from HS2 in recent weeks, including another consultation. Unfortunately, it’s not good news.

Forestry and woodland strategies now statutory in Scotland

by Arina Nagy-Vizitiu, Public Affairs Officer - Scotland on 04 July 2019

The future is looking brighter for Scotland’s woods after an amendment to the Planning Bill was passed on 20 June.

What is lichen? Seven types of lichen found on trees

by Kylie Harrison Mellor, Citizen Science Officer on 24 April 2019

Lichen can be very visible on branches and bark at this time of year. They can be really difficult to identify, but here are seven common lichens that grow on trees.

Campaigns update: challenging the Oxford-Cambridge development project

by Naomi Tilley, Assistant Campaigner – Policy and Advocacy on 04 April 2019

As if HS2 wasn’t enough, another huge infrastructure project is now threatening our ancient woods: the Oxford-Cambridge development project.

New learning tool for planners to help protect ancient trees and woods

by Victoria Bankes Price, Planning Advisor on 30 January 2019

We’re working with the Royal Town Planning Institute to help planners understand the value of ancient woods and trees and how they can help.

What are the most common trees in the UK?

by Laura Cottam, Volunteer Content Writer on 21 December 2018

Ever wondered which trees species are most common in the UK? Now you can find out.

On the hunt for ancient trees

by Victoria Granger, Contributor on 05 July 2018

A joint PhD project between the Woodland Trust and the University of Nottingham aims to predict new locations of ancient trees by analysing records from our Ancient Tree Inventory.

The Oldest Tree in the UK: How Long Do Trees Live?

by James Martin, Content Editor on 28 June 2018

Learn the identity of the UK's oldest tree and discover why ancient trees are such an important part of our landscape.

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