Want to give something unique and meaningful to your loved ones while keeping costs low this Christmas?

Trees are the perfect gift, whether you pick out a perfect sapling to plant or dedicate one to be planted on their behalf. Winter is the best time to put trees in the ground for the benefit of people, wildlife and the climate.

Here's how the gift of trees can bring comfort and joy this Christmas.

1. Trees are cheap!

Small cost, big impact. If you’re looking for inexpensive but meaningful gifts, trees are for you. For an average price of just £10.95, your gift of a single tree can make a valuable difference to your loved ones' gardens, the environment and to future generations. You can even make an impact digitally by dedicating a tree or small wooded area for a suggested donation.

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2. It’s the most environmentally friendly gift you can get

Trees are the lungs of the earth. From cleaning the air to absorbing carbon, trees provide many benefits in the fight against climate change. They offer shade for people and homes for animals. Whether it’s a tree delivered to your door or a virtual dedication, it’s the perfect earth-friendly replacement for any last-minute gift you’re able to find.

3. Long distance love

Spending Christmas apart? Skip the postal drama by dedicating a tree or even a small woodland in their name. If they live overseas, your loved one can look back every year and smile knowing their tree is growing and helping wildlife, ecosystems and the climate back home. Or, pick out a virtual gift that helps trees and wildlife thrive. Your donation on their behalf comes with a gift certificate by email, or you can choose a postal certificate to personalise at home. It's the perfect way to wrap up sentimental and environmental value into one easy gift!

Did you know?

The holly tree symbolises peace and goodwill. 

4. A gift of time and peace

Trees are a symbol of patience and taking time to grow. Encourage your loved ones to take notice of nature and to slow down this Christmas. A newly planted sapling can remind your loved ones to take a well-deserved break over the holiday season, and to reflect on each year that goes by as it grows.

5. A celebration of firsts

Are your friends spending their first Christmas in their new home? Maybe it’s baby’s first Christmas? Help loved ones celebrate a special milestone by picking out the perfect tree that grows with them. Winter is the perfect time to plant a sapling – you could even host a planting party to mark the occasion!

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6. Remember someone special

Is your loved one missing someone this Christmas? The gift of a tree can help them cherish a lifetime of memories in honour of those loved and lost. Consider their garden size and, if in doubt, pick out a sapling that stays small. Why not take round some mince pies and plant a memory tree together?

7. Start an environmental pact with friends

New year, new tree – help your friends improve their carbon footprint by starting the new year with a tree in the garden. You could even plant one yourself at home and be reminded of your eco-friendly pact each time your tree catches your eye. Native fruit trees are an excellent choice for boosting biodiversity and encouraging your friends to try out festive foraging recipes. Pick out a hazel or blackthorn and in future Christmases you might be rewarded with homemade hazelnut butter or sloe gin!

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We have single trees and tree packs to meet your needs, from wildlife to woodfuel. Delivery is free.

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