Easter is here, so what better time to get the kids involved in some fun Easter crafts? Whether you’re looking for something delicious to bake with all that Easter chocolate or want to make some DIY Easter decorations to put up around the house, these crafts are sure to keep kids busy in between all the egg hunts!

Read on for five cute Easter crafts you can enjoy with your kids this spring.

1. Easter tree decoration

This Easter tree is really easy to make and looks amazing when finished. Head outside to explore and see if you can find a fallen branch or some twigs that could work well as a decoration. Can you work out which tree the branch came from? Our blog on tree ID will help! Once home, leave the branch to dry and then pop it in a vase.

Now it’s time to decorate! Hanging eggs work really well (you can get these from most craft shops, or make them yourself by gluing string to normal decorative eggs), but you can also add ribbons, felt flowers, little butterflies and whatever else takes your fancy. And you’re done! A gorgeous decoration that makes a great homemade centrepiece.

2. Chocolate Easter nests

These chocolate nest cakes are the ideal way to use up leftover Easter chocolate. They're really easy to make and you can teach kids all about real birds nests and eggs while you’re making them! All you’ll need is some shredded wheat cereal (cornflakes work well too), a big bar of chocolate (or a chocolate egg) and some mini chocolate eggs and you’re good to go.

Simply melt your chocolate, mix in your shredded wheat, pop a portion in a cupcake case and top with the mini eggs. Then leave it in the fridge to set. These are seriously delicious and even the youngest baker can get stuck in!

3. Egg carton Easter wreath

Create a beautiful decorative wreath while recycling your old egg cartons with this cute egg carton Easter wreath. All you’ll need is some egg cartons, scissors, paint, string, cardboard and PVA glue.

  1. Create the base for your wreath by cutting out a cardboard circle – using a large dinner plate works well for this. Then, cut out a smaller circle (a small dinner plate should work) inside the larger circle to create your wreath base.
  2. Cut up your egg cartons to create flower shapes - have a go at a few different ways of cutting them to create different flower designs. Then, paint each ‘flower’ in a lovely spring colour.
  3. Cut some leaf shapes out of cardboard and paint them green. Use your PVA glue to stick them onto your wreath, on both the inside and outside edges.
  4. Apply PVA glue to the entire wreath and stick down your egg carton flowers.
  5. Once your wreath is dry, add some finishing touches – pom-poms work well in the centre of the flowers, and you can even add some little butterflies or ladybirds if you’re feeling creative. Then get some string or ribbon and attach it to the back of your wreath. And you’re done! Now it’s time to hang your wreath up.

4. Easter egg leaves 

This is a really simple yet effective craft that will see your little ones turning leaves into pretty Easter eggs! Simply gather together a selection of egg-shaped leaves (alder leaves work well) and then it's time to decorate them! You can use whatever materials you can find to decorate them in a range of fun Easter patterns. Paint pens work really well for this, and painting on the leaves is a great way to teach kids about different textures. Once done, you can display your Easter egg leaves around the house, or string them all together to create some Easter bunting. 

5. Eco-friendly Easter bunny gift bag

If you’re giving out gifts this Easter, why not ditch the plastic bags and wrapping paper and instead choose an eco-friendly (and super fun) option – brown paper bunny gift bags! Perfect for popping chocolate eggs in, all you’ll need is a brown paper bag, some scissors, a pen and some string. Then it’s just a case of cutting out some bunny ears at the top of the bag, drawing on a cute little face, popping your gift in the bag and then tying with some string. It is so easy to do but so effective, and entirely recyclable.

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