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Delivering the Northern Forest

Who's involved? Who will benefit? What are the business opportunities? How is it being funded?

The Woodland Trust and community forests

The community forests in the north – The Mersey Forest, White Rose Forest, City of Trees and HEYwoods – have been working with the Woodland Trust and the Community Forest Trust to take the Northern Forest from concept to reality. We have a long, successful history of working together and combined have over a century of environmental regeneration and green infrastructure experience.

Government support

In January 2018, the Northern Forest plans took a significant leap forward when the Prime Minister announced the Government's support for our vision and included the Northern Forest in the Government's 25-year Environment Plan. She also announced £5.7 million of funding to start work towards the goal of planting 50 million trees across 25 years.

A growing partnership

As the Northern Forest partnership grows, we will continue to look for funds from familiar sources, such as charitable trusts, sponsorship, government initiatives and grants. But we will need to be more innovative too: developing carbon reduction schemes, creating natural capital bonds and other ways to align tree planting to planned investment in housing and transport.

To deliver a forest that benefits our health, happiness, economy and future, the Northern Forest partnership will work with local councils, communities and the Government, private organisations, schools and individuals, house builders and transport planners, Natural England, Wildlife Trusts and conservation organisations.

Benefits and opportunities

Community revitalisation

Increases in tree canopy cover can raise property values and help to revitalise communities where enhanced environmental quality and more positive perceptions helps to secure investment opportunities.

Development and planning support

Well-planned tree planting can counter the heat-island effect of urban landscapes and underpin their resilience. The Northern Forest partnership will support major new developments that deliver significant new woodland planting and help to secure the long-term management of existing woodland.

Forestry (tree planting/skills development) and timber products

The partnership is also keen to work with the forestry industry and its trade association, Confor, to create new business opportunities by supporting the demand for UK-sourced timber products and services, and playing a part in the future supply of timber.

Investment in infrastructure and the environment

Once new woodland creation and harvesting is established, considerable areas of land will be managed for economic and environmental benefit, securing millions of pounds in new investment. Our delivery programme will also focus on the importance of a landscape 'mosaic' to support existing threatened habitats by creating buffer zones.

The time to create a Northern Forest is now

This is a once in a lifetime opportunity and we need your support.

Whether you are a potential financial supporter or would like to come on board in some other way, get in touch by sending an email to:

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Want to donate?

Whatever you choose to give, donating online is secure, quick and cost effective, so more money goes directly to the Northern Forest project.