My name's Dave Garnett, and we're just inland from the Dyfi estuary, a few miles south of Machynlleth, we're just on the edge of the oak woodland a small glade here. Before we go on to 260 acres of SSSI which is the mountain above, and and that again is another very different habitat and that is the fascinating thing about this place, being so much in so little.

That's why the Woodland Trust have been a great partner. They helped fund the cattle handling pen here, they supplied the trees for replanting we've done and also the hedging that we've done, they put they've funded the trees for that. And they've been really easy to work with – there's a person on the ground you can talk to you can meet you can greet.

It's important because you can make things happen you know I'm very keen to make things happen, but you've got to trust the person that you're working with. And we know now that the management for real conservation and biodiversity needs scale, it needs space, it needs size, it needs scale. So working with your neighbours is the most logical thing to do and it's a slow process and we're in for big change, but just keep things going as they are, on the trajectory that nature has taken us on and work with it.

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