Twenty years ago, we launched the woods on your doorstep program. 

A project working to create community woodlands within walking distance of cities, towns, and villages across Northern Ireland. From the Faughan Valley to Corrog Wood.

Together we have planted over 250,000 trees which have been eating CO2 for breakfast.

Keeping our air and water clean and fighting to mitigate climate change. Our local woodlands provide havens for wildlife and wildflowers.

Interestingly the Oak tree can provide a home for up to 2,500 minibeasts.

These woods on our doorsteps have provided great natural spaces for families and hosted over 1,000 events in 20 years becoming a hub to bring people together supporting both mental and physical well-being.

Our woods have been open for 20 years. We are looking forward to the next twenty.

Field vole with acorns

In safe hands

Woods and wildlife have a future with us. We're on the ground every day, all year round. But without you, the work stops.  

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