That's how low ancient woodland cover in the UK is.

These woods have developed over hundreds of years and rare wildlife relies on them. We work to sensitively restore what is left.


That's the percentage of ancient woodlands planted with non-native trees.

We gradually remove non-native trees to restore ancient woods to thriving habitats.


That's how many hectares of ancient woodland are under restoration.

We work with landowners to help them restore ancient woodland on their land.

Our work to restore ancient woods

We work with landowners around the UK to slowly and sensitively restore ancient woods that have been damaged over the last century.

Protecting trees and woods

Restoring ancient woodland

Ancient woodland restoration encourages these precious habitats to recover and reverse years of decline. Find out why it's important and what's involved.

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Promoting best practice

We lead on understanding and tracking the ecological condition of native woods and trees and use evidence and expertise to develop guidance and training on restoration best practice.

State of UK woods and trees

State of UK woods and trees

The first-ever report that focuses on the UK's native woods and trees. It outlines their current extent, condition and wildlife value, benefits and threats.

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