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What effect has recent weather had on wildlife? Does climate change affect timings in nature? Join Nature’s Calendar and you’ll help scientists discover answers to these questions.

A new website for Nature’s Calendar

The Nature’s Calendar website has been redeveloped this year and is now live.

To make sure you can see your records from previous recording seasons, re-register with your existing username, but reset your password the first time you use the new website.

Here are some improvements

1) The new website will be mobile friendly so that you can record when you’re out and about.

2) You’ll be able to add photos and comments to your records.

3) It will be easier to record your sightings. The new website will also capture better information about your recording. This will be more valuable to scientists that use Nature’s Calendar data.

Recording locations

  • The recording location size is changing from a 6 mile radius to a 20 metre radius.
  • You'll be able to plot and view your locations on a map.
  • You can set up multiple locations for, example ‘your garden’, ‘the pond in your local park’ and ‘the tree by your bus stop.

Recording seasons

  • You will be able to record continuously throughout the year rather than only during spring and autumn. This is because we know that events like snowdrop first flowering and oak bare tree often span the seasons.

4) The new website will have a blog so that you can stay up to date with the latest project news.



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