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Standing up for trees and woods across the UK is why we're here. We campaign to stop the irreversible destruction of ancient woodland and unnecessary loss of trees from our cities.

Credit: WTML
Credit: WTML
That's how little of the UK is covered by ancient woodland.
We lobby for better protection for these precious habitats.
That's how many ancient woods are threatened by HS2 development.
We campaign to stop the needless destruction.
That's how many ash trees could vanish from our landscape.
We promote biosecurity so diseases like ash dieback don't reach the UK.

We're standing up for ancient woods

Ancient woods desperately need our support. These rare and irreplaceable ecosystems are under constant threat from development, not least from the HS2 project.

Protecting trees and woods

HS2 rail link

HS2 is a grave threat to the UK’s ancient woods, with many at risk of loss or damage. We can’t let this happen. 

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We're fighting for street trees

From improving mental wellbeing to reducing asthma and air pollution in crowded urban areas, life is better with street trees.

But shrinking budgets and neglect from local authorities coupled with inappropriate development has seen our street trees vanish.

Find out why urban woods and street trees are so special

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We're confronting pests and diseases

Harnessing the power of citizen science with the Observatree project and fighting for better biosecurity. It's all to ensure that pests and diseases are kept at bay.

We've already lost so much to these threats, so we're working to save our trees.

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