That's how little of the UK is covered by ancient woodland.

We lobby for better protection for these precious habitats.


That's how many ancient woods are threatened by HS2 development.

We campaign to stop the needless destruction.


That's how many ash trees could vanish from our landscape.

We promote biosecurity so diseases like ash dieback don't reach the UK.

Fighting the threats to native woods and trees

We're fighting the pressures facing woods and trees, from inappropriate development to climate change, securing important woodland habitats that are at risk.

Protecting trees and woods

Threats to woods and trees

Threats to woodland, wildlife and the wider environment are growing. Our trees and woods face a challenging combination of pressures, from humans, pests and diseases.

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Mapping ancient woods and trees

There are thousands of old or ancient trees and woods in the UK. They're important to our heritage, wildlife and carbon stores yet they don't get the protection they need. Mapping them takes us one step closer to helping them.

Visiting woods

Ancient Tree Inventory

Ancient trees need special care and protection. There are thousands of ancient trees in the UK and we need your help to find out where they are.

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Confronting tree pests and diseases

We're scaling up the supply chain and demand for seeds and trees sourced and grown in the UK to reduce the risk of pests and diseases threatening naive trees.

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UK sourced and grown trees: why is it important to buy them?

Buying UK sourced and grown trees is the best way to prevent the spread of imported pests and diseases.

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Protecting nature and supporting wildlife

Our tree planting and natural regeneration expand woodland in areas that connect and buffer ancient woodland and other precious habitats, bringing huge biodiversity benefits. 

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Natural regeneration

The UK needs more trees. We plant millions of native trees every year, but planting is just one way to help the UK's woodlands expand. Allowing nature to take its course is also an effective and efficient method of getting more trees in the ground.

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