We employ a great mix of people across a wide range of roles. We employ slightly more women than men and have a significant number of women in our more senior roles. We are also genuine advocates of flexible working for many of our employees, irrespective of gender.

We want to pay everyone fairly for the role they perform. However, like many organisations, there is a difference between the pay for each gender when pay is looked at as a whole across the organisation and an average taken.

We report on our gender pay gap in accordance with government guidelines.

Gender pay gap 2023 (PDF, 204KB)

Gender pay gap 2022 (PDF, 130KB)

Gender pay gap 2021 (PDF, 143KB)

Gender pay gap 2020 (PDF, 175KB)

Gender pay gap 2019 (PDF, 225KB)

Gender pay gap 2018 (PDF, 363KB)

Gender pay gap 2017 (PDF, 74KB)

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