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We welcome applications from schools across the UK, plus nurseries, colleges, universities and outdoor learning centres.

What do you need to do?

  • Please make sure you have permission from the legal landowner of where you wish to plant. We need this information to process your application
  • Your woodland should be enjoyed for years to come, so your trees should be planted on either the school grounds, land the school has arranged regular access to or in an area that is publically accessible
  • Make sure any managers of your establishment are aware and have given the go-ahead for your planting project
  • Make sure your trees are going to be well looked after once they are planted – caring for them well will ensure they thrive for years to come!
  • Make sure you have plenty of space to accommodate the pack size you want to order. As a rough guide:
    • 30 saplings = 1 tennis court, or 8.5m of single line hedging
    • 105 saplings = 4 tennis courts, or 30m of single line hedging
    • 420 saplings = 16 tennis courts, or 120m single line of hedging

As a school, the first pack that you order will earn you 2 points on the Green Tree Schools Award!

If you are looking for trees to donate/sell to the families of your students to plant in private gardens, you can purchase these from our native tree shop online.

We regret that home educators cannot currently apply through the school form. Those working with other parents or groups to plant in a publicly accessible area can apply using our community tree pack form.

If you would like to create a woodland for future generations, you can apply today!

Need more information?

For further enquiries or help with the school application form, please contact or call 0330 333 3300.