The benefits of trees

Hedgerow in field
Simple hedgerows can be a huge benefit to wildlife (Photo: WTML)

We believe life is better with trees.

Our neighbourhoods feel better places to live and work in when they're green. 

Our farmland and countryside can produce high-quality food and support wildlife when trees play a part in the landscape.

We all breathe easier when there are beautiful woods in which to relax and unwind.

And yet the UK needs more trees. We are one of the least wooded countries in Europe and trees and woods continue to disappear from our landscapes. This is why we plant trees on our land and support people, organisations and partners to help make trees part of their land.

There are many excellent reasons to plant trees, so deciding which benefits matter most will help you choose the right species and planting plan. What would you like to achieve?

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Father and son enjoying the shade of a tree

Dedicate a tree and give a truly original gift that creates a lasting legacy for the future

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