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Woodland Carbon for business

Woodland Carbon is our unique scheme to help companies reduce their carbon footprint by locking up carbon emissions through planting trees. Work with us to create new woodland and harness nature’s simple and powerful way of removing carbon dioxide from the environment.

Naturalist and TV presenter Nick Baker explains how it works.

Why Woodland Carbon?

woodland-carbon-logoBusinesses often generate large amounts of carbon which contributes to higher levels of greenhouse gas emissions in our atmosphere. Customers, shareholders and staff alike expect businesses to act positively and responsibly to reduce their carbon emissions and support a more sustainable environment.

By working with us as a Woodland Carbon partner, your business can be involved in a credible carbon removal scheme which operates under the government’s Woodland Carbon Code. Our scheme is not a compulsory carbon offset solution, but is a voluntary way of mitigating your emissions by planting trees right here in the UK.

What are the benefits?

As a ‘local’ carbon mitigation solution, Woodland Carbon enables you to:

  • create new woodlands
  • plant native tree species to support our natural ecosystems, biodiversity and wildlife
  • establish new woodlands for generations of people to enjoy now and in the future
  • connect with your staff and customers through special planting days
  • develop a strong marketing message to convey to all types of stakeholders
  • raise your environmental and corporate responsibility credentials

Who are we already helping?

Businesses already using Woodland Carbon to mitigate their emissions include: Pearson plc and Premier Paper.

Find out more

Download our Guide to woodland carbon for business (PDF, 260KB)

To find out more about how your business can work in partnership with us please contact us by email or call 0330 333 5306.