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Access and walks at Victory Wood

There are four entrances to Victory Wood. The main entrance is via an all access kissing gate (suitable for pushchairs) from the Woodland Trust car park off Dargate Road into the Victory Copse area. There is a height restriction barrier over the car park’s entrance.

In addition, all-access kissing gates lead either onto the all-user path or, alternatively, into open ground and the Victory Footprint. A surfaced path has been constructed for wheelchair/pushchairs to allow access to the Victory Footprint from the car park.

The second entrance lies on the northern boundary, off Dargate Road, over a stile with an adjacent dog flap. This leads into the grazing area and straight to the HMS Victory Footprint after about 100 metres.

The third entrance can be found towards the south-west of Victory Wood, just off Dargate Road, via a pedestrian squeeze gap. This is opposite Blean Wood which is on the other side of the road. This entrance has no car parking and the road is too narrow to leave cars parked on the edge. From the entranceway the path leads into mature woodland up a steep slope.

Wooden carving in Victory Wood (Photo: WTML / Nick Cobbing)

The fourth entrance is located in the south-east corner of Victory Wood off Denstroude Lane, adjacent to Ellenden Wood. Access into Victory Wood is via an all-access kissing gate. Emergency access is required through this gateway at all times, therefore car parking is not permitted on the track leading up to the gateway. This entranceway leads directly into the woodland creation areas at Victory Wood.

All the paths have unmodified grass and earth surfaces which can get slippery and muddy when wet, particularly in the winter. In addition, there are some steep slopes at the southern end of Victory Wood so caution is advised when attempting to negotiate this area of the wood. Please be mindful that the area is an open ground habitat so there will often be livestock grazing here.

Additionally, a multi-user path allows horse riders, pedestrians and off-road push bikes to cross Victory Wood on a designated route from the car park entrance to the entrance off Denstroude Lane in the south-east. This route is open all year round but restricts horses to the spring and summer months only.

Part of the Big Blean Walk passes through Victory Wood along the ridge, and walkers are welcome to use the path network provided to gain access to the rest of the Blean complex beyond – 11 square miles of predominantly ancient woodland arching over the north of Canterbury.