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History, trees, plants and wildlife at Small Woods

During the Second World War, the area was the site of a huge ordnance factory that made over a million mines and 500,000 bombs. The risk of explosion was high and the Walled Garden was formerly a reservoir supplying water for fire hydrants around the factory. The factory was sold off in sections after it closed in 1968.

The Woodland Trust has owned and managed Small Woods in Oakwood since the 1990s. During this time we have worked with a local school and a Scout group to improve paths and remove litter.

Wildlife, trees and plants 

Ducks and dragonflies can be seen around the ponds and the site is home to a range of woodland birds, such as bluetits. It also attracts butterflies, such as the painted lady.

North side woods
The woods to the north west form part of Oakwood Gate Park and have some white willow, alder and mature turkey oak, which has been under-planted with Scots pine, ash, field maple, hazel and rhododendron. The north east woods are composed of mature oak, ash and sycamore, under-planted with cherry, willow, common lime, holly, hawthorn, hazel and elder.

South side woods
The most westerly of these consists of mature oak and ash, under-planted with holly, hazel and hawthorn. The other areas are made up of birch, willow and cherry with some oak.