Curlew (Photo: WTML/Dennis Johnson)

The QEDJW is a bird watcher's paradise, but there's plenty of other wildlife to go round!

The land to the east of the lake is maintained as a wetland area for the benefit of wildlife, particularly birds and this is where our new bird hide is located. There are a variety of wetland, farmland and woodland birds here including barn owl, tawny owl, field fare (in the winter), lapwing, sky larks, yellow hammer, bull finch, blackbirds, great tits, blue tits, greater spotted woodpecker, buzzards, mute swan, little grebe, tufted duck, terns and mallards.

The site has already become known among birders locally with some interesting species found on site. We have had curlews nesting and breeding here, while whooper swans, a migratory species that over-winters in the UK, have been spotted on the lake. We've also had hen harriers – quite rare for this part of the world - over-wintering in the conservation area behind the lake. 

Ground-nesting birds such as skylarks can be found in the open areas, while butterflies and insects are abundant in existing woodland and nearby clearings. Get more details about the birdlife here on our latest 'birdlife blog'

Mammals include badgers, foxes, weasels, stoats, field mice. Rabbits, hares and deer are also present in the locality. Visit the pond dipping platform next to the lake and see what minibeasts you can identify, but don't forget to bring your net!

Wildlife-only areas

We have created a nine-acre unplanted wildlife conservation area immediately adjacent to the lake with restricted public access. Here wildlife can live and flourish without disturbance from people or dogs.

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