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History at Green Castle Woods

Green Castle Woods is a piece of living history, reflecting how the land has been used down the centuries for wood production, grazing and cultivation of crops.

The site is criss-crossed by an extensive network of centuries-old property boundaries and hedges, with map evidence going back to 1779; and a number of gates installed by the Trust are carved with old field names as recorded in those tithe maps. These provide intriguing clues as to how the land was used at the time and include Parc cerrig mawr (the big stony field), Parc y march (the horse’s or the stallion field), Parc deri (field full of oak trees) and Parc y berllan (orchard field). Inspired by the last of these names, an orchard of fruit trees was planted in the field in 2012, which in time will produce fruit that can be picked and enjoyed by visitors.

In addition to the two ancient semi-natural oak woods, new native broadleaf planting took place in 1996 with a small amount of infill in 2013.  The site was acquired by the Trust in 1993.

The name Green Castle (Castell Moel) comes from the ruined 15th century mansion which can be seen overlooking the river Tywi.