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History timeline of Credenhill Park Wood

4000 BC - 2000 BC

Neolithic people are likely to have cleared this area for agricultural, ritual and ceremonial uses.

2000 BC - 750 BC

Pottery found on the site indicates there was a Bronze Age settlement.

750 BC - AD 43

This Iron Age hillfort was the largest in the region and may well have been the focal point of a settlement as a place for worship, political and social meetings.

AD 43 - AD 410

It is thought that this site was used as a supply depot for Roman troops campaigning up the Wye Valley into Wales.

410 - 106

Cultivation of the interior of the hillfort.

1066 - 1540

Cultivation: Credenhill was identified as a park in 1274 where rabbits and deer were kept.

1540 - 1800

Grazing is recorded within parts of the woodland. Large areas of the site are managed as coppice woodland.

1800 - 1900

Parkland disappears as tree planting occurs in the hillfort area.


Wholesale clearance of ancient woodland to make way for a crop of conifer trees.


The Woodland Trust begins restoring the ancient woodland by the gradual removal of non-native conifers. The aim is to develop and manage the site as native broadleaved woodland, including protecting an area of semi-natural ancient woodland.