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Trees and plants

In 2001 the Trust planted around 12,000 trees of native species best suited to the ground conditions.

These included riverside species such as alder and willow, with sessile oak, ash, rowan, birch, beech and horse chestnut throughout the rest of the site. A few aspen, wild cherry and Scots pine provide variety and colour to the mixture. The shrubs include elder, crab apple, hazel, holly, laurel, hawthorn and dogwood.

Remnants of the site’s mature wood, thought to be ancient woodland, remain along the riverbanks where there is an established ground flora of bluebell, primrose, wild garlic, wood anemone and celandine. As the planting matures, these wildflowers will spread into the new woodland.

The remaining area is taken up by open grassland formerly used for agriculture. The positioning of this open space helps to blend the site design into the local landscape and maintains the spectacular views.

There are also many non-native invasive plants. These include giant hogweed, Himalayan balsam, cherry laurel and Russian comfrey. Work is ongoing to control and eventually eradicate non-native species, allowing our native plants and wildlife to flourish.