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UK procurement

Planting alternative native broadleaf tree species can help towards creating a more resilient landscape. Through our tree planting schemes, we are able to help people across the UK to plant trees, making our landscape more diverse and better protected for the future. However to do so, it is important we have complete confidence in the trees we use.

Procurement is the process by which we obtain our trees for planting. Following the initial outbreak of one of our most serious tree diseases in 2012 – ash dieback – we developed a new procurement approach for all our young trees.

Between 2014 and 2017 we are investing £4.5 million to grow trees from seeds sourced only from the UK and Ireland. It is the biggest contract of its kind in our history and will help us prevent any increased spread of tree disease through plant imports, while ensuring complete confidence in the trees we plant and provide to you through our tree pack schemes. It also means every tree we plant is fully traceable right back to the seed and that everyone has full visibility of our supply chain.

Find out more about our procurement process, seed suppliers and the nurseries we work with

Buying and importing trees

Some of the tree pests and disease present in the UK originated elsewhere but arrived via imported plants and trees. While it is unfortunate that some diseases are already established here, you can help to prevent others reaching our shores.

Buy responsibly – You should only buy plants from reputable suppliers which supply UK sourced and grown plants which are also confirmed as being disease-free. Buying home-grown eliminates the risk of purchasing imported stock that may be harbouring harmful pests and diseases, and also helps to support the UK forestry sector.