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Preventing the spread

When amongst trees and woodland, it is not always obvious to see the signs of possible pests and diseases. For example many diseases are easily spread via spores that are not always evident. Because of this it is important to be proactive in helping to stop the spread.

Practical steps you can take to stop the spread

Biosecurity – This term is used frequently in relation to tree pests and diseases and refers to some precautions you can take. Pests and diseases are not always easy to see, so it’s important to be proactive wherever possible - anyone who visits woodland can help to prevent the spread of disease by ensuring they don’t transfer soil and leaf material (which often harbour fungal spores, bacteria and viruses) from one area to another.

By following these simple biosecurity measures, you can help to keep our trees, woods and the wider landscape healthy:

  • Clean your footwear before and after walking in the woods
  • Wash down your car and bicycle tyres to remove any mud and plant material
  • Stick to clearly marked paths so as not to stray into areas that may be infected or being monitored - always take notice of signage in case there are areas of the woodland you should avoid
  • Don't take plant material or cuttings from the countryside

For more information and resources about biosecurity measures, visit the Forestry Commission website.