Tree pests and diseases

Trees and woods are crucial components of our landscapes. They provide homes for wildlife, give us clean air and water, food and fuel, and are treasured by those who live near them. Sadly however, pollution, intensive land use, urban development and climate change are affecting them, and now there is an increasing threat from pests and diseases.

Dutch elm disease changed the face of the landscape. In the last century,more than 60 million elm trees were lost to the disease. Increasingly, new pests and diseases are taking hold, partly due to the increase in global plant trade and changing environmental conditions. Chalara dieback of ash now threatens millions of our ash trees, mature oaks across central England and Wales are falling victim to acute oak decline, and Phytopthora ramorum is affecting larch with impacts for both commercial forestry and biodiversity. There are many more pests and diseases and although their symptoms may not be visible, they will have the same devastating effect on our landscape. Find out what they are and how you can help.

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