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Our dog walkers’ code

Many of our woods offer extensive pathways, open space and plenty for dogs to sniff, bark and play around in.

Please remember that you are responsible for your dog’s behaviour at all times and follow our quick and easy Dog Walker's Code.

  1. Please pick up dog mess and take it away with you or drop it in a nearby dog mess bin
  2. We know that dogs love our woods but please only take your dog off the lead if it can be effectively controlled and you are confident other visitors will not be concerned
  3. If you're a dog walker or own a lot of dogs, please follow common advice and don't walk more than four at a time
  4. Please keep your dog under control and on a secure lead if in the presence of livestock on site or on a neighbouring property
  5. Be observant to and act upon on site signage. For example an instruction to put dog on lead.