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Help us track the effects of weather and climate change on wildlife near you.

What effect has recent weather had on wildlife? Does climate change affect timings in nature? Join Nature’s Calendar and you’ll help scientists discover answers to these questions.

Redwing perched on wintry branch
Redwings are winter visitors to the UK. Let us know when your see your first arrival.

It's the UK's biggest record of the changing seasons, with over 4,400 nature-watchers noting down the behaviour of 70 species or plants, animals and fungi. From the first ladybird to the last oak leaf, let us know what's happening near you on our Nature's Calendar website. You can plot your findings and upload your photos and view them instantly on the live map. You can also check out what other recorders are spotting in the UK.

Your records are an invaluable source of information for researchers across the world trying to understand the impact of climate change.

Whether it's your favourite dog walk, route to work or garden,  if there's a place you visit regularly  we'd love you to get involved. There's no time commitment just - yo just need to note the date of seasonal changes and add them to the website.

Let us know what's happening to wildlife near you 



Let us know what's happening near you

Take part in Nature's Calendar and help scientists monitor the effects of climate change on wildlife.

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