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Why join the Woodland Trust?

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Help us protect Scotland's woods and wildlife, with membership of the Woodland Trust.

Woods and trees matter. To you, to us, to our children and grandchildren, to the environment and of course, to the wildlife that depends on them for survival.

But woodland all over Scotland is at risk every day. From development, from tree disease and from the effects of climate change.

There’s a way you can help.

By joining the Woodland Trust, the UK’s largest woodland conservation charity, you’ll be helping protect native woodland and create new woods in Scotland and throughout the UK.

Join the Woodland Trust from just £4 a month

Why should we care?

In just 40 years following the Second World War the area of Scotland covered by broadleaf woodland fell by 23%. There are just 90,000 hectares of native Caledonian pineforests – such as Loch Arkaig – left in Scotland. That’s just 6% of their original area.

And without trees our glorious red squirrels, our rare majestic Scottish wildcat and our endangered pine martens are history. But it doesn't have to be this way.

We have the tools, the expertise and the knowledge to reverse the decline in Scotland's woodland – but we need your support to help us continue our vital work.

Your membership of just £4 a month has the power to really make a difference and you can rely on us to spend it wisely.

We know what needs to be done to save Scotland’s woods. 

I joined the Woodland Trust to make sure children will always have woods to play in, just as we did.
Carol Watkins, Woodland Trust member since 2014
(Photo: Jill Jennings/WTML)

As a member of the UK's largest woodland conservation charity you'll be helping protect native woodland and create new woods in Scotland and throughout the UK.

Membership welcome pack

Our members have helped us plant over 43 million trees so far.

Plus, you’ll enjoy all the wonderful benefits membership brings.

Your own ‘leaf swatch’ tree identification guide so you can enjoy tree-spotting and get to know the great variety of trees you are helping to protect as a member.

A directory of over 1,000 woods to visit throughout the UK so wherever you are, you’ll be able to enjoy a walk in the woods.

Four issues of Broadleaf, our exclusive members’ magazine. Plus a membership card and sticker.