Help us give Tring Park a new horizon

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Tring Park's beauty, size, rare habitats, wonderful wildlife and stunning setting mark it out as a very special place to visit (Photo: P Formby/WTML)

Help us put the final piece in place at Tring Park.

Ancient, diverse and endlessly fascinating. There is nowhere else like Tring Park. This exciting mix of ancient woodland, rare chalk grassland and Grade II Listed parkland in the Chilterns Beechwoods Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty has one of the most unusual histories of any of our sites.

Our chance to transform Tring’s tricky access

That’s why we’re so excited about a piece of land which has recently come up for sale that could revolutionise access to Tring Park, link it to a neighbouring patch of ancient woodland and create a valuable wildlife corridor to enable species to move into the wider countryside.

At 25 hectares (63 acres), the mainly arable land will not only extend the site, but will close the gap between two areas of woodland to enable direct access into the park without the need to navigate the off-putting footbridge.

Can you help us buy the missing piece in the jigsaw?

We need to raise £670,000 to purchase the land. Will you help us? If we fail to meet the purchase price, this valuable land will pass into private hands and may not come up for sale again in our life time. We must act quickly if we are to grab this opportunity before it’s too late.

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