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Remember Dutch elm disease? Ash dieback is here now and it’s going to be much worse.

Forty years after losing 25 million elm trees to Dutch elm disease, our woods and trees are facing a disaster far more serious and we urgently need your help.

More than 130 million ash trees are at risk from disease

We’ve been doing everything in our power to combat ash dieback, but the risk to our third most common tree has not gone away and is spreading rapidly across the whole of the UK.

Our main hope is to minimise its effects on our woods, wildlife and landscapes by replacing diseased trees with other native species that can be traced all the way back to seed.

The impact on our landscape is difficult to imagine. The impact on our wildlife could be catastrophic.

Help us raise £200,000 to set up a fighting fund

By donating to this urgent appeal you can support our work to:

  • Create new habitats for wildlife and increase the resilience of our woods 
  • Continue the vitally important research to find ash trees resistant to disease 
  • Introduce an accreditation scheme for nurseries to document the provenance of saplings
  • Continue to be involved in the Observatree project, raising awareness of how to recognise and report diseased trees
  • Replace dead and dying ash trees by planting native trees 
  • Roll out our scheme of subsidised Tree Disease Recovery packs for landowners on a national scale

Please support us and help to protect our tree-covered landscapes

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