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Hedley Hall: help save an angel in the north

Hedley Hall’s ancient wooded valley is a heavenly place – a real angel in the north!

At the foot of the valley, called Ridley Gill, is a fast-flowing stream, surrounded by banks of wild garlic, wood sorrel and bluebells. Woodpeckers hammer on trunks, tawny owls take cover in the trees and kestrels can be spied overhead. This spectacular Site of Special Scientific Interest (SSSI) in Tyne and Wear is also known for its rare greater tussock-sedge and unusual wet flushes. It’s a little piece of paradise, just fifteen minutes’ drive from Newcastle.

We already own a large part of the site, having acquired Hedley Hall in 1991. Now Ridley Gill’s remaining 12 acres of precious ancient woodland, along with 47 acres of neighbouring farmland, has come up for sale and we urgently need to raise £620,000 to buy and protect it.

With your support, we can take the whole of Ridley Gill into our care. We can buffer and protect this pocket of fragile, beautiful ancient woodland and plant thousands of trees to transform bare fields into vibrant woodland for wildlife and people. To see the current site and our vision for the future, view our illustrated map.

But we aren’t the only people interested in such an idyllic spot

This land is in high demand and there’s a risk it could be bought by a nearby golf course or a local shooting syndicate, who already use parts of it to flush game birds into range. Standing by and watching the land being sold to someone else is a horrifying, but very real, prospect.

That’s why we need your help so urgently today

You can help ensure the long term future of Hedley Hall and its wildlife. You’ll help us to bring the whole of the vulnerable and irreplaceable ancient valley of Ridley Gill under our care and protection, and to plant more trees to buffer existing woodland and increase its resilience.

Your donation will mean so much to this magnificent place. With your help we can:

  • Own the whole of Ridley Gill – a wildlife haven and SSSI - and save it for future generations
  • Improve access to the rest of Hedley Hall by creating a continuous loop of woodland
  • Buffer and extend the ancient wooded valley of Ridley Gill
  • Clear the site of debris – including used shotgun pellets and grain tubs from shooting activities - and begin removing invasive rhododendron and Himalayan balsam so that woodland flora can thrive
  • Increase native woodland cover by planting thousands of trees over the next four years, each one a potential home for wildlife
  • Stop the land being sold for commercial shooting, or a golf course extension
  • Solve the drainage problem and stop farming chemicals leaching into the soil of the ancient woodland.

Please help us make our vision for Hedley Hall a reality

Every pound you give will make a difference, helping to fund the care and restoration of this amazing place and protect the wildlife that lives there.

Want to donate?

Whatever you choose to give, donating online is secure, quick and cost effective, so more money goes directly to helping Hedley Hall.