Dedicate a tree in Jutland Wood and create a living Naval memorial

Join our most exciting and ambitious woodland creation project to create a living memorial to the First World War.

royal-naval-association-logoTo commemorate the centenary of the conflict and pay tribute to all those affected by the war, we will plant more than a million native trees and create four Centenary Woods - one for each nation of the UK. Langley Vale in Surrey will be home to our English Centenary Wood, where we are creating a special living memorial called Jutland Wood to recognise the Navy’s contribution to the UK past and present.

Standing proudly will be a grove of trees planted in dedication to all of the Navy personnel who served in the conflict - ensuring the land remembers those who fought for their country at sea. 

Jutland Wood is named after the Battle of Jutland, fought in the North Sea off the coast of the Jutland peninsula, Denmark in 1916. Some 6,097 trees will be planted – representing the 6,097 British serviceman killed in the battle – but the wood will serve as poignant place of recognition for all naval personnel, a lasting legacy to the entire navy’s contribution to our country.

Dedicate a tree at Jutland Wood and create a living, thriving memorial that will ensure the sacrifice of every serviceman is never forgotten.


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