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Loch Arkaig Osprey Cam

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Louis and Aila our Loch Arkaig ospreys have now migrated to Africa for the winter. The camera will be live again in March 2019 when we hope to see the birds return. Please enjoy this summary of the 2018 breeding season in the meantime.

Follow the story from the heart of an ancient Caledonian pine forest with our live osprey nest cam, supported by players of People's Postcode Lottery.

Louis and Aila our Loch Arkaig ospreys raised a single chick in 2017, a male named Lachlan. They returned in spring 2018 for a second season and laid three eggs, but sadly a hungry pine marten stole the clutch. The adults remained around the nest and provided us with plenty of entertainment and interesting osprey behaviour. Louis and Aila are now overwintering in Africa but we aim to make the osprey camera live again in March 2019. Do check back regularly to see how the season unfolds.

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Loch Arkaig pine forest is the setting for this wild family drama. It's one of the few remaining fragments of ancient Caledonian pine forest and was brought into our care thanks to those who gave generously to our appeal. We have ambitious plans to restore and expand it for ospreys, pine martens and other native wildlife over the coming years, but we can't do that without your support.   

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Clips from the nest

Never miss the action. Watch recent highlights from the nest on our YouTube channel.


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