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Arkaig Community Forest & the future

The Woodland Trust has partnered with Arkaig Community Forest - a small group of local residents who share our ambitious, far reaching and long-term goals for the 2,500 acre site.

Arkaig Community Forest

Arkaig Community Forest has been instrumental in enabling the Woodland Trust to acquire Loch Arkaig Pine Forest and they own two small parcels of land (approx. 50ha) within the pine forest.

Together we will carefully and sensitively restore native woodland habitats across the entire forest and demonstrate the ecological, social and economic value of ancient woodland restoration. In particular we aim to support the remote community living around the forest to benefit from sustainable forest enterprise initiatives e.g. wood fuel.

The Woodland Trust have a good track record in forest restoration projects and we are optimistic about the future of these woodlands.
Lorraine Servant, Arkaig Community Forest

Arkaig Community Forest welcomes new members from outwith the local area. Find out more on the Arkaig Community Forest website.

(Photo: Rare Breed Photography)

Fighting tree disease at Loch Arkaig

Over the next 20 years we will gradually remove non-native species from Loch Arkaig Pine Forest, increasing the resilience of the forest and its long-term chance of survival. The removal of lodgepole pine is a priority since it carries the tree disease Dothistroma (red band) needle blight, which has the potential to infect large numbers of Scots pines. 

Long-term vision

Now that Loch Arkaig Pine Forest is safe in our hands we are actively planning for its future. It will take several years to plan and build the infrastructure needed to remove non-native trees using specialist machinery; around twenty years to begin to reap the benefits, and many decades before we can call the forest fully restored.

Loch Arkaig Pine Forest is one of the most significant fragments of ancient Caledonian pinewood remaining in Scotland. But it is degraded. We estimate it will cost more than £5 million to restore over the next two decades. We’re in this for the long haul and we hope you can help us succeed.

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