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Philanthropy and major gifts

As a philanthropist you will know that charitable giving is more than making a monetary donation. Philanthropy is about your personal engagement with a cause, your passion to make a difference and your desire to witness the impact your transformational gift will make.

Major gifts received by the Woodland Trust have the power to transform landscapes, protect wildlife and improve lives. Trees are a crucial element of a healthy, sustainable environment and we must take action now to protect and replace them, for the benefit of people, wildlife and our planet.

Our team are working with inspirational philanthropists across the world to turn barren fields into beautiful, flourishing woodlands full of life; restoring damaged ancient woods to their former broadleaved glory; and inspiring millions of people to enjoy and protect our natural world.

Where we have such support we have the ability to save some of our most precious habitats from destruction, safeguard vulnerable woods and create wonderful tree rich places. Together we can achieve a country rich in native woods and trees, enjoyed and valued by everyone.

If you are interested in making a major gift to the Woodland Trust or want to know how your support can make a big difference, please email Kerrie Jenkins or call her on 0343 770 5824.

Our commitment to you

When you make a major gift to the Woodland Trust we will:

  • Ensure your gift is allocated according to your wishes
  • Allocate a dedicated member of our team to support you in your work with the Woodland Trust
  • Invite you to experience, first hand, the work you are supporting so you can see what a difference you make
  • Regularly report on the impact of your support
  • Give you the opportunity to connect with our staff and senior leadership
  • Invite you to exclusive events to connect with other, like-minded supporters
  • Make sure you feel fantastic for having made such an incredible and positive contribution!